False Bay SLC presents the Beach Series 2015

False Bay SLC King of the Beach Series


It is with great excitement that we are kicking off the season with the first of its kind King Of The Beach Series and workshop.

LWP have incorporated the King of The Beach Beach Series into their competition calendar as a pre-season warmup and will be geared towards both the competitive and development aspect of surf lifesavings beach events. The series consist of 4 different interlinked competitive events, hosted in partnership with 4 Surf Lifesaving Clubs. Each beach will host a formal competition with both the common beach events as well as some forgotten events too, to keep things interesting and to provide more balance, all followed by a prize giving after each event. This would also then include a constructive element geared towards the education, training, skills and development of specific events on the beach, this will primarily be hosted by Ryle De morny who will not be competing so as to rather lend his eye towards the development and critical understanding of competitors and the events.

The Series constructive element is geared towards the education, training, skills and development of specific events on the beach, hosted by double-gold World Beach Champion Ryle De Morny, who will be “hands-on,” providing tips and tricks for all competitors.

The objectives of this series are as follows.

  • Identifying the most consistent and all round beach athletes
  • Provide selectors with an opportunity to make more informed decisions
  • Highlight and improve athletes various weaknesses identified within the series
  • Providing beach competitors with a more consistent and competitive platform
  • Educate coaches and trainers on old and new training techniques to ensure efficient training
  • Educate coaches and athletes on the correct ruling and techniques for various events
  • Generate comradery between clubs and competitors
  • Sharing knowledge during this golden age of strong beach specialist lifeguards, to nurture the next generation of lifeguards

Please note that Series participants compete as individuals, although competitors are encouraged to wear their club colours.

Competition and Scoring

  • Points will be tallied for the best 3 out of 4 results (also in case of athletes unable to attend all 4 comps)
  • Athletes must participate in all events on the day in order for their points to be considered towards the overall tally.
  • There will only be two age groups (Juniors u/17 and Seniors) which is TBC reason being that there is invaluable experience which can be gained from competing against older competitors which aligns well with the ethos of development which this series aims at achieving.
  • R100 Entry fee for the entire series
  • All clubs to forward members entries by Thursday August 6th 6pm to beachseries.fbslc@gmail.com
  • We’re busy sourcing more sponsors for the Series. Please get in touch if you can connect us with a sponsor.
  • Junior Male/Female and Senior Male/Female race leader skull caps will be awarded after each comp to be worn (tour de france style)
  • Any further questions, ideas or issues please do not hesitate to mail us at beachseries.fbslc@gmail.com