Below is the information you need to know about joining False Bay Surf Lifesaving Club and becoming a lifeguard.



How do I become a lifeguard?

To achieve a Lifeguard Award, you will need to:

  • Be able to swim 400m in a pool in less than 8 minutes.
  • Be available for classes (every weekend for two months, excluding the exam date)
  • Be in general good shape and fitness
  • You may start doing voluntary duties as an unqualified lifeguard at soon as you have committed to the classes, and once you pass the Lifeguard Award test,  you are able to log your duty hours, perform rescues and compete in competitions.

The practical side of the exam consists of:

  • A continuous Run-Swim-Run:
    200m run on the beach, 300m swim around bouys in the waveline, and a 200m run once back on shore.
  • Torpedo bouy rescue (Baywatch style)
  • Board rescue with a lifesaving-modified Malibu board, also known as a kneeboard
  • Box line throw
  • Spinal Board Management
  • First Aid
    (on completion of the Lifeguard Award, you will have a Level-1 First Aid equivalent qualification).
  • Flag signals and audible signals used by lifeguards to communicate out at sea.

 The theoretical part of the exam consists of:

  • Dealing with Emergency Services
  • CPR
  • First Aid and treating a range of patient conditions
  • Drowning
  • The beach and the ocean
  • The role of the Lifeguard
  • Working in a team

You will also require the following general skills to perform a rescue, all covered in the lifeguard classes:

  • Good communication skill
  • Ability to work well under pressure
  • Knowledge about the ocean and beach environment
  • Dedication and commitment
  • Motivation, Punctuality and Responsibility
                            And above all –  Lifesaving South Africa’s motto: “Vigilance and Service


How do I join False Bay Surf Lifesaving Club?

To join FBSLC, you can either:

 What are the costs involved in becoming a lifeguard?

The course fee is around R365, which includes practical and theoretical lifeguard training classes, an official Lifesaving South Africa textbook, and the examination fee.

To become a member of False Bay Surf Lifesaving Club, a membership fee of R600 for an individual member or R1000 for family membership is applicable for the season.

Other costs include:

  • Custom False Bay Surf Lifesaving Club kit
  • R60 entry fee per Lifesaving Western Province competition
  • Travelling costs for out of town competitions


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