All parents want their children to lead a happy, healthy and active youth.
There is no better place for this than introducing your child to surf lifesaving and nippers.

Nippers is a junior program that introduces children aged 8 to 14 to surf lifesaving. It is a fun outdoors activity that grows a child’s confidence, teaches valuable life skills and knowledge about the aquatic/marine environment. The youth of today are the future of Surf Life Saving, and the Nippers pathway teaches lessons and skills allowing them to continue in lifesaving, and carry over into other sporting codes and life in general as they grow older.

Nippers is about learning new skills, gaining confidence and having fun in a safe beach environment. For Nippers, the beach is the classroom. They gain confidence by passing the ‘tests’ of swimming, board paddling, beach sprinting, dolphin-diving, spotting a rip, having fun with new friends and discovering themselves.

However, it is not hard work. We like to call it serious fun!
Nippers is a great way for children to make friends, be active and enjoy the beach in a safe environment.

Riding waves on a kneeboard during training.

Riding waves on a kneeboard during training.



  1. Application forms are available both online, and at Nipper Training on Sunday mornings, at the False Bay Surf Lifesaving Clubhouse. Come along to meet us join in with the beach fun!
  2. Complete the application and indemnity  form.Download the Nippers Application and Indemnity Form
  3. E-mail completed form to
    or hand back the completed form to the Nipper Officer (Yolanda Johnson) at the False Bay Surf Lifesaving Clubhouse together with a copy of your child’s birth certificate and copy of the parent’s ID.
  4. Membership fees are to be deposited into the False Bay Surf Lifesaving bank account via direct deposit or EFT,
  5. Please use your Name and ‘SUBS’ as a reference
    You can send us a mail to ask for our banking details.
    Please e-mail or hand your proof of payment to Nick Pemberton (club treasurer) at
A diving finish in the beach flags event at a competition.

A diving finish in the beach flags event at a competition.


Individual Membership: R500 per child for the season.

Two-siblings: R600 for both children for the season.

Family Membership: R750 including three or more children plus their parents.


Exam (Testing with Lifesaving Western Province) Fee: R135 per year per child (cost TBC).
Exam Upgrades: R90. Only for current nippers.



At False Bay Lifesaving, we pride ourselves being a family club, so parents are encouraged to get involved wherever possible!
Please speak to Yolanda to offer your help.
Parents will also be asked to assist in the Tuck Shop, fundraisers, and fundraising events.
Please write your name and contact details on the list provided on the Notice Board.


The first requirement of Nippers is the Entrance Test: Potential Nippers must swim 4 x 25m (100m) in 4 minutes or less (pool swim) and pass the theory test.

Participate in inter club, nationals and provincial competitions (called Carnivals). Nippers compete in individual and team events. Carnivals are fun days for the whole family to support.

In order to enter competitions, Nippers must pass the appropriate age group test as set out below:










Pool Swim 300m in under 8 minutes 400m in under 10 minutes 400m in under 9 minutes
Run-Swim-Run (Surf Swim) 75m-150m-75m in under 10 minutes 100m-150m-100m in under 10 minutes 100m-200m-100m in under 8 minutes
Physical Exercise 20 sit-ups 35 sit-ups 50 sit-ups & 20 push-ups
Water Safety Rules Rules 1-5 Rules 1-10 All
First Aid 1-6 1-8 All
Lifesaving Signals 1-5 1-9 All
Lifesaving 1 & 2 1-3 All

All theory for the above tests is available in the Nipper Book that is used for all Level exams and can be purchased from the club. Exams (Tests) for these usually take place on the Sunday before a Carnival.



Experienced and qualified coaches guide children through learning water and beachwork skills required to become a nipper, so that they are ready to pass their nipper exams.

Training sessions follow a fun and learning experience in a safe group environment.

Join the False Bay Nippers on Sunday mornings: 11h30–13h00.
The lifesaving season runs throughout summer, from October to April, and we advise that our Nippers attend all training sessions.

Extra training sessions may be held before Carnivals (competitions).



A swimming costume, board shorts, rash vest and False Bay skullcap, in the colours of the club (Red and Green) are necessary and must be worn at all training sessions and competitions.

All other gear (clothing) is optional. Wetsuits, silicone swim caps and swimming goggles are also optional, but parents are encouraged where possible to buy them as they help the Nippers in the surf (ocean) swims.

Sunscreen and a water bottle is compulsory during all training sessions.

All club clothing is available from the club only. Contact the Equipment Officer (Maxwell Baron) or the Club Secretary. The club will provide the required lifesaving equipment (boards).

A False Bay Nipper rides a bodyboard in competition in full competition gear.

A False Bay Nipper rides a bodyboard in competition in full competition gear.


We encourage our Nippers to make use of the club equipment with the permission of the Equipment Officer and under supervision of an adult, outside of set training times. Equipment is always to be washed after use and properly packed away. Any damage to boards to be communicated to the Equipment Officer (Maxwell Baron or Clay Johnson) that repairs can be attended to immediately. After training, ALL Nippers are to help with the washing down and the packing away of equipment.

Under no circumstances may non-members make use of club equipment.



There are three local inter-club competitions per season, held on beaches throughout Cape Town, ending in Western Province Champs, and National Nipper Championships.

Selection to represent Western Province at Inter Provincial level can be achieved from the results of the inter club carnivals.


Determination during the beach relay event.

Determination during the beach relay event.



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